Miss March movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
Four years ago, Eugene Platt and his girlfriend Cindy were intimate, but their love was innocent; it wasn't until the eve of prom that Eugene promised Cindy to spend the night with her party night. Soon the party will come. In fact, Eugene and Cindy have been looking forward to it for a long time. The two have worked hard and made a lot of preparations for a perfect night. Finally they met at the party, Cindy told Eugene to see you upstairs in five minutes and went upstairs first, while Eugene and his best friend Tucker had their last pre-adult celebration, Eugene excitedly. Shouting to Tucker, as he went to open the door to the second floor, he fell down the stairs leading to the basement. Eugene, with a bruised nose and a swollen face, was about to stand up in embarrassment, but a toolbox that fell from the cabinet smashed heavily on his head, and Eugene passed out just like that.
And Eugene was in a coma for four years. When he woke up, everything seemed to be the same as before, and everything seemed to have changed drastically. Tucker is still his best friend, but his once innocent girlfriend Cindy has left him. And Tucker showed Eugene a copy of the March issue of "Playboy" magazine, Eugene was almost out of breath, Cindy appeared on the inside page of "Playboy", and has become a "Playboy" playmate".
But Eugene was always unwilling to Cindy, so he decided to go to the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles to find her, hoping to win her back. Sex-crazy Tucker and Eugene of course hit it off and set off, driving across the border with a famous Rap rapper to Los Angeles, encountering a lot of weird people along the way, and finally at the Playboy Mansion. The two finally broke into the grand party in the mansion after a lot of hard work. In this flowery world, Eugene vowed to win back Cindy's heart   .
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    I continue to do well with this kind of shit.

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    Exposing the privacy of black people is unkind

Miss March quotes

  • Cindi Whitehall: Eugene?

    Eugene Bell: Cindi.

    Cindi Whitehall: Oh, my God! I can't believe this! When did you wake up?

    Eugene Bell: About three days ago.

    Cindi Whitehall: How did you find me?

    Eugene Bell: It wasn't too hard.

    Cindi Whitehall: What does that mean?

    Eugene Bell: Where have you been?

    Cindi Whitehall: What?

    Eugene Bell: Where have you been?

    Cindi Whitehall: I've been a couple of places. Been working.

    Eugene Bell: Working? Working as what? A whore?

  • Horsedick.MPEG: When you give something to a bitch, they don't do nothin' but take. That's why I don't give 'em nothin' but the dick. 'Cause they can't take that away. You'll see. Tomorrow at the mansion I'ma run the train on seven, eight, nine, ELEVEN o' them honeys! Ain't a Playmate there I ain't tagged yet.

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