Miss March behind the scenes gags

2022-03-28 08:01
  1. Zach Craig and Trev originally wanted Dave Campbell to play the black rapper, but they changed their minds immediately after auditioning for Craig Robinson, thinking Robinson was the best fit for the role candidate.
  2. When Zach Craig and Trev took over the story, Fox Searchlight had already written a script, but after reading it, they didn't like it very much, so they asked Fox to rewrite the script.
  3. The crew had already asked Robert Wangler to play Hugh Hefner, but at the preview, the audience couldn't tell that Wangler was playing Hugh Hefner at all, so the creators had to find another way.
  4. The crew sent a test tape to Hugh Hefner. After watching the film, Hugh Hefner liked it very much, and readily agreed that he would appear in person to play himself.
  5. Zach Craig and Trev had been living in New York prior to the filming, and moved to LA for the film, it took them a full year to make the film, so they lived in LA for a year time.
  6. It's just a low-budget comedy, but everything about Playboy in the film is licensed, including the bunny-head logo that appears in the title.
  7. The title of the film used to be "February Girl" because the original release date was set for February; later, with the release date being changed to March 13, the title was changed to "Miss March"   .
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Miss March quotes

  • Cindi Whitehall: Eugene?

    Eugene Bell: Cindi.

    Cindi Whitehall: Oh, my God! I can't believe this! When did you wake up?

    Eugene Bell: About three days ago.

    Cindi Whitehall: How did you find me?

    Eugene Bell: It wasn't too hard.

    Cindi Whitehall: What does that mean?

    Eugene Bell: Where have you been?

    Cindi Whitehall: What?

    Eugene Bell: Where have you been?

    Cindi Whitehall: I've been a couple of places. Been working.

    Eugene Bell: Working? Working as what? A whore?

  • Horsedick.MPEG: When you give something to a bitch, they don't do nothin' but take. That's why I don't give 'em nothin' but the dick. 'Cause they can't take that away. You'll see. Tomorrow at the mansion I'ma run the train on seven, eight, nine, ELEVEN o' them honeys! Ain't a Playmate there I ain't tagged yet.

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