Monsieur Hulot's Holiday evaluation action

2022-03-12 08:01
The film is not a hilarious comedy, but a mood of memory, nostalgia, love and joy. There are places in the movie that make you laugh, but it brings something rarer, a humorous, tender love of humanity—so strange, so important, so special. The film is built on Keaton or Chaplin's meticulous attention to detail, and the visual jokes are patiently arranged to almost reveal the hidden functions of the cosmic intricate machine.  .
The film is of extraordinary significance, it is not only the most important comedy work in world cinema after the Max Brothers and WC Fields, but also a major event in the history of sound film. The film has no "plot" at all, it can only be a series of events that are related to each other in meaning and independent in drama. There has never been such a way of using time as a material before it, and time has almost become the object of description of the film, even more perfect and fuller than those experimental films whose length is consistent with the time of the story. Hulot inspired how people should express the temporal dimension of people's movements. The temporal thickness of the sound for the film is more pronounced than the effect of the picture. This is also a major innovation of Tati, the most unique in technique. All Tati's ingeniousness is to destroy clarity with clarity, the dialogue is by no means incomprehensible, but meaningless, and it is through the clarity of dialogue that the meaninglessness of dialogue is revealed. Tati especially uses the distortion of the loudness relationship of different sound levels to achieve this effect. He even often preserves the sound of a scene outside the screen to set off the silent events in the screen. The sound background of the film is made up of real elements, but none of the sounds are strictly in a dramatic situation. It is against this sound background that a dissonant sound is particularly distorted. The combination of real sound and morphed sound creates the inevitable effect of the hollowness and boredom of sound in this human world. The film's endless epilogue is exquisite enough to rival Chaplin's masterpiece  .
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  • Alysa 2022-03-25 09:01:22

    The eleventh issue of French comedy, a century of laughter

  • Dock 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    8.3; Hilarious, I will play tennis like this in the future

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday quotes

  • The Aunt: A marvelous view, don't you think, Monsieur? I was just admiring the sea, the rocks, the white sails. It's all so lovely. Is that Saint-Nazare? See? Over there.

    Monsieur Hulot: No. It's over there.

    The Aunt: I always find a seaside vacation so pleasant and restful. Unfortunately, it's so windy that my hair's always a mess.

  • Fashionable Male Youth #1: [to Martine] What about my place? I have a sensational record by Billie Holiday.

    Fashionable Male Youth #2: I prefer the Duke.

    Fashionable Male Youth #3: What about Fats Waller?

    Fashionable Male Youth #1: [Offering a cigarette to Martine] A king-size?

    Fashionable Male Youth #2: Perhaps you'd prefer mine?

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