Mood Indigo evaluation action

2022-06-26 10:26
"The Foam of the Days" is a comedy film with a fantasy color. The film boldly added ghost horses and fairy tale elements that combine live action and animation. The audience described the film as "imaginative".  
The film moves from bright colors, delicate composition, to dim light, chaotic composition, and even fades to black and white at the end. The first half of the film is more like a lighthearted comedy of life, while the second half is like a mournful poem. In one film, two different styles are presented, and they can be naturally connected and justified, which is admirable for the director's artistic skills.  
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Mood Indigo quotes

  • Chloé: [Last lines]

    Chloé: If we screw this moment, we try the next. And if we fail the next... we have our whole lives to get it right.

  • Colin: Introduce me to her!

    Isis: Yes, great! Chloé? This is Colin. Colin, Chloé.

    Chloé: Hello.

    Colin: Hello.

    Colin: Chloe... Ever been played by Duke Ellington?

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