Mood Indigo movie plot

2022-06-26 13:08
The protagonist of the story, Colin, is accompanied by the chef Nicola and the pet squirrel. He loves fashion, food and the music of the Duke of Wellington. Like a prince waiting for the princess, until he meets the beautiful and pure Ke. Lowymeets. They fall in love, and at their romantic wedding, they accept everyone's blessings, but on the way to their honeymoon, Chloe contracted "water lily disease" - a water lily that invaded her lungs. In order to heal his lover, Colin did everything he could. 
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Mood Indigo quotes

  • Chloé: [Last lines]

    Chloé: If we screw this moment, we try the next. And if we fail the next... we have our whole lives to get it right.

  • Colin: Introduce me to her!

    Isis: Yes, great! Chloé? This is Colin. Colin, Chloé.

    Chloé: Hello.

    Colin: Hello.

    Colin: Chloe... Ever been played by Duke Ellington?

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