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2022-03-23 08:01
Mrs. Henderson Presents is a humorous comedy with Laura and Vivian's back and forth, while the stage cabaret and modeling set become the highlights, with the Windmill Theatre and its associated characters in a war-torn setting The changeable fate makes life a little sentimental. Combining hilarity, beauty, history, biography, and a touch of romance and violence, the film is as varied as a platter. To put a period of artistic revolution on the screen in this way can be called a masterpiece   .
The highlight of Mrs. Henderson Presents is the number of Judith Olivia Dench, Mrs. Henderson is vividly portrayed by her, she gives the character a fresh life. The design of the lines is also quite stylish, with the traditional British humor and elegance, as well as the vulgar foul language and adult jokes of London. The film integrates comedy, romance, biography, music and war background. In addition to the wonderful script, the director's grasp of the rhythm of the whole film is also an important reason for the success of the film. The acting skills of Judith Olivia Dench and Bob Hoskins made the film no cold scene, the development of the story is quite fast, the highlights are one after another, the climax is one after another, and the plot is not sloppy   .
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Mrs. Henderson Presents quotes

  • Laura Henderson: Truth is so prosaic.

  • Lord Cromer: I have learned in these many years of dealing with artists to detest imagination.

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