Mrs. Henderson Presents movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
The story takes place in London, England in 1937. Robert Henderson, a famous gentleman in the upper class, tragically passed away, and his wife Laura Hendersonbegan a lonely old age. In order to alleviate the loneliness and distraction caused by her husband's departure, Mrs. Henderson tried her best to expand her interests and hobbies under the advice of her friend Conway. Laura has tried collecting diamonds, embroidering and assisting single mothers in charitable activities, but she has never been able to find a career she loves.
One day, Laura was riding her Rolls Royce down Windmill Street in Soho and found an abandoned movie theater looking for a buyer. On a whim, she decided to buy the theater and began to imagine extraordinary performance plans. However, the elderly Laura has no experience in running a theater. After several searches, a charming and experienced man enters her line of sight. His name is Vivian Van Dammewho is unemployed. Laura hires him as theater manager, but Laura's bold remarks soon overwhelm him and he decides to quit. Attracted by Laura's charisma, Vivian finally decides to stay and begins a love-hate relationship with Laura.
With the help of secretary Magee, Vivian began the renovation of the theater, and as a condition of staying, he had to have control over the style of the stage. Vivian suggested a vaudeville show throughout the day, something that had never been attempted before in a British theatre, and certainly had some risks. So, the rehearsal started in full swing.
Laura's Windmill Theatre got off to a good start, and its innovative stage performances attracted a steady stream of audiences, and many competitors followed suit. In order to recover from the passive situation, Laura took inspiration from the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and she wanted these actresses to perform nude. Vivian warns Laura that this unconventional performance has never been approved by the London government. Fortunately, the official in charge of the matter, Cromer, is an old friend of Laura, and Laura will spare no effort to facilitate this.
Vivian begins preparations for an adventurous show called "The Perfect English Rose" and, in a heavy rain, finds the first actress who wants to join, Maureen. At the same time, Laura found Cromer, and repeatedly reiterated that this fantasy nude stage modeling is a kind of living art, like a gorgeous oil painting. After much effort, Cromer finally reluctantly approved, but only static nudes were allowed. Although the performance achieved a sensational effect, and the war began immediately. Laura and Vivian insisted on continuing the performance, but moved the stage underground, and after each performance, the boys in the army would wait backstage, ready to date the girls who had just stepped off the stage. With the spread of the war, the Windmill Theatre is also facing the fate of closing. Under Laura's argument, the government agreed to continue to open the Windmill Theatre. In the harsh environment, the performance continued as usual. In the roaring air raid siren, the performance in the Windmill Theater made people temporarily forget the war around them   .
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  • Myles 2022-03-23 09:03:35

    Funny, sad and beautiful film, the brilliance of human nature.

  • Savanna 2022-04-23 07:05:34

    The sausage that judi is holding in his hand is so cute, there are still quite a lot of appearances, the shape is well done, the photography is rather hazy, this one is not bad

Mrs. Henderson Presents quotes

  • Laura Henderson: We've had some good shows, but they're not daring enough. Let's get rid of the clothes.

  • Lord Cromer: Now what about, forgive me, the foliage?

    Laura Henderson: Foliage?

    Lord Cromer: You know, beneath the...

    Laura Henderson: Beneath what? Try the Brie.

    Lord Cromer: Thank you. Beneath the...

    Laura Henderson: I had it flown in from France.

    Lord Cromer: Excellent. The foliage beneath the...

    Laura Henderson: My husband was very fond of it.

    Lord Cromer: Of what?

    Laura Henderson: This particular cheese.

    Lord Cromer: My dear, I'm attempting to address the disagreeable and somewhat sordid topic of the pudendum.

    Laura Henderson: What on earth is that?

    Lord Cromer: Good heavens, woman!

    Laura Henderson: Do have some more wine.

    Lord Cromer: The female part.

    Laura Henderson: Oh, the pussy!

    Lord Cromer: [Gasps]

    Laura Henderson: Why didn't you say?

    Lord Cromer: I had not expected you, of all people, to use such language.

    Laura Henderson: That word was rather popular in the mid-nineteenth century. Not everyone speaks Latin, you know.

    Lord Cromer: Then I'd prefer you refer to it as 'the midlands'.

    Laura Henderson: Oh dear, you men do get into such a state about 'the midlands', don't you? Well you needn't worry. Our lighting will be so subtle; the disputed area will be barely visible.

    [as Lord Cromer drinks his wine]

    Laura Henderson: And anyway, we'll have a barber.

    Lord Cromer: [spits out wine and Mrs Henderson laughs]

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