The Librarian: Quest for the Spear movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
The general outline of the story is: 30-year-old and talented Carsen was kicked out by his professor because the professor thought that it would be a disservice to Carsen to continue to study when Carsen has 22 degrees but is extremely inexperienced in society. At the same time, Carsen's mother also began to let him fall in love quickly, and actively arranged for him to date with people who had never been masked. One day Carsen received a mysterious invitation to interview at the capital's public library. After an odd but successful interview, Charlene and library leader Judson tell Carsen the truth about the job, a secret job that's been around for centuries. He was put on a job responsible for the preservation of history's greatest treasures, which were kept in secret locations in the library. Among these treasures are the "Bible" Ark of the Covenant, the Mona Lisa, Pandora's box , the legendary sword of King Arthur, and a third of the Spear of Destiny.
When vicious members of the Serpent Brotherhood break into the library and steal the library's copy of the Spear of Destiny, Carsen discovers that the job isn't as contracted as it should be. It's so simple to write. The Spear of Destiny is an ancient relic, believed to be able to control the fate of the entire world in its owner. So he must find the other two parts of the Spear of Destiny before they fall into the wrong hands.
Under the fraternity's stalk, Carsen traveled to the Amazon with another female librarian, Nicole Noone. Their adventures, like most adventure films, cliffs, primitive tribes, etc., ended up in the hands of the Brotherhood. They force Carsen and Nicole to help them find the rest of the Spear of Life. Following the clues, they came to the legendary Shangri-La Kingdom on the other side of the world, living in the Himalayas. Just when the Brotherhood was about to combine all three Spears of Destiny and use his might to rule the world, Carsen proved that all his years of reading were not in vain. He is also ready to face any future danger.
The film has a strong cast and one of the leading actors of the "Spring in the Emergency Room" series - Noah Wyle (Noah Wyle) is in it. Although the story outline is a theme that Hollywood uses more, it is rare that the hero and heroine are all books. Librarian, it's still amazing to see how many.
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  • Krystal 2022-03-24 09:03:52

    Copycat! Too cottage! This kind of effect was shot in 2005, which is simply a country level! The story sucks, the special effects suck, the pacing sucks! ! !

  • Kiana 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It's really bad, the heroine is so old, I often see it in American dramas, but I don't wear so little clothes.

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear quotes

  • Charlene: What makes you think you could be the Librarian?

    Flynn Carsen: Well, I've read a lot of books.


    Charlene: Don't try to be funny. I don't do funny.

    Flynn Carsen: I'm sorry.

    Charlene: [after a pause] What makes you think you could be the Librarian?

    Flynn Carsen: I know the Dewey Decimal System, Library of Congress, research paper orthodoxy, web searching. I can set up an RSS feed...

    Charlene: Everybody knows that. They're librarians. What makes you think you are the Librarian?

    Flynn Carsen: [confused] I know other stuff?

    Charlene: Mr... Flynn Carsen, stop wasting my time. Tell me something you know that nobody else who has walked in here could tell me.

    Flynn Carsen: [examining her] You have mononucleosis. Your marriage broke up two months ago. You broke your nose when you were four, and you live with three cats. Is that what you had in mind? Swollen parajugular lymph nodes and distended eyelids are clearly mono. It takes three months for an indentation on the ring finger to completely disappear. Yours is two-thirds gone. Your plastic surgeon gave you a terminus paralateral scar, which is given to children under the age of six, and I can clearly see three distinct types of cat hair. A white Himalayan, a tortoiseshell, and an orange striped tabby.

    Charlene: [slightly embarassed] I didn't break my nose until I was five.

  • Flynn Carsen: Well then, we better call the police.

    Charlene: Oh yeah, call the police. Tell them about the Spear of Destiny, the golden goose, the lost Ark. Enjoy your stay in the psych ward. I understand Thorazine comes in vanilla now.

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