Music of the Heart evaluation action

2022-02-03 08:16
In the film, Meryl Streep often does not say a word, but the audience can clearly see the pain and strength in a woman's heart. In "Music of the Heart," Streep's steadfast faith and great empathy permeate Streep's performance, which is full of human beauty.  
The film is based on real events and is full of sensational elements that Hollywood is best at. In the film, Streep is fully integrated into the character: she is bloated, with a large waist, and she turns over and over in two or three outfits, with almost no embellishment. There is no shadow of the beautiful and elegant Streep here, only the character itself - a middle-aged woman who has been hit hard by life and has gone from haggard to strong. Streep maintains her professional standards in the film, her acting is so good that other people can't see any acting skills, not like a star-studded star, but like an ordinary person around her.  
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  • Ernie 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Great people are all around us. Aunt May likes it.

  • Camron 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It was a movie that I watched when I was at my lowest stage, to inspire myself to move forward bravely

Music of the Heart quotes

  • Isabel Vasquez: [approaching Roberta who is sitting on a bench by herself at lunch after being shunned by other teachers] What's the matter? You got cooties or somethin'?

    Roberta Guaspari: Oh, apparently.

    Isabel Vasquez: Well, I'll take my chances. Isabel Vasquez, second grade.

    Roberta Guaspari: Roberta Guaspari, I'm ...

    Isabel Vasquez: The violin teacher. I know.

    Roberta Guaspari: So is it my imagination, or does *everybody* here hate me?

    Isabel Vasquez: Look, it's hard to fit in when you're doing a special program. People figure you're not gonna be here very long, so they don't make the effort. It may take a while for folks to warm up to you, but they don't hate you.

    Roberta Guaspari: What about Alice?

    Isabel Vasquez: A - She thinks the violin is a waste of time. B - She's a bitch!

    Roberta Guaspari: [laughs] So, why are you being so nice to me?

    Isabel Vasquez: Ulterior motives. I want my daughter in your class next year!

    Roberta Guaspari: If I'm here next year...

    Isabel Vasquez: You will be.

  • Roberta Guaspari: [after finding out her violin program has just been cut] There's got to be some way we can fight this!

    Janet Williams: Fight it for what? I don't have any extra programs I can give them instead.

    Roberta Guaspari: Ohhh, I see! After 10 years, after 1400 kids have learned the violin, "this is just an extra program!"

    Janet Williams: You know I don't feel that way! And you know *damn* well I've been standing by you all these years! You think I haven't noticed what you've done for these kids?

    Roberta Guaspari: Well, then *do* something!

    Janet Williams: I have been on that phone for the past three days trying to do something! They're sick of hearing my voice! Believe me, there are other people around here I would *much* rather get rid of! But as far as the board is concerned, violin classes are not a priority! I don't have the power here, Roberta.

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