My Life in Ruins movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
Georgia is a professional tour guide who has been in the business for a long time. But in the beauty of ruins everywhere in Greece, she is obviously used to seeing all this, and she has begun to feel tired. And Georgia's current life, love, and career are like her cookie-cutter tour guide job, and she has become more and more boring and helpless.
Now, Georgia has received a new foreign tour group. Most of the tourists are ordinary people who are experiencing or have experienced the baptism of ordinary and trivial life like him. At first, the "low quality" and "ignorance" of the tourists caused her a lot of trouble. Especially the driver of the new tourist bus, Poppy, a guy with dirty long hair and a beard, gave Georgia a headache all the time. But in the course of several days of sightseeing in Greece, after all kinds of ironic communication and exchanges between the civilian tour group and the tour guide, especially when the annoying dirty driver Poppi gradually showed a new image in Georgia, the girl The tour guide's vision and mind also opened up, and the love and friendship she longed for also followed, and the beautiful scenery of Greece that she was used to seeing has become even more beautiful   .
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My Life in Ruins quotes

  • Georgia: [as he's holding her] So I just wanted to tell you... You're such a nice guy. And I'm... Okay, look. This can't happen.

    Poupi Kakas: But it must. You said you haven't made love in forever.

    Georgia: Yeah, when I thought you didn't speak English. You know what? I've decided I'm leaving Greece, because this whole moving here was an experiment to be brave and spontaneous, and... Okay. You know, this whole impulsive and crazy and you know, jump into a thing, thing?

    Poupi Kakas: Georgia?

    Georgia: Yeah?

    Poupi Kakas: Your butt is too small.

    Georgia: [as she turns to kiss him] Oh, that did it.

  • Georgia: [as they pack the bus] Poupi, do you know if a close beach?

    Poupi Kakas: [smiling] Of course.

    Georgia: And do you have any 16-year-old handsome nephews?

    Poupi Kakas: Of course.

    Georgia: Good. Will you call him for me.

    [starts walking away]

    Poupi Kakas: Hey, wait.

    [stopping her]

    Georgia: Yes.

    Poupi Kakas: Why?

    Georgia: [coyly] I like to keep my options open.

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