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2022-06-22 19:08
ITV's 2007 Jane Austen Season aired three new adaptations of Jane Austen's works. Among them, Persuasion is undoubtedly the best overall, with unique camera movement and tone control, and excellent music coordination. Of course, among them Actress Sally Hawkins' performance is the best. The screenwriter of Northanger Abbey is Andrew Davis, who is familiar with the adaptation of Jane Austen. He feels that he has found it and looks very comfortable. The heroine Felicity Jones has a kind of innocence and curiosity of an unsophisticated, budding girl. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the plot arrangement, and the story seems to be hastily in the last ten minutes.
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Persuasion quotes

  • Captain Wentworth: I imagined myself indifferent to her but I was only angry and resentful. Too late... too late I began to understand myself and her. Never have I met her equal in good sense or sweetness of character. She's perfection itself. I've never loved any but her.

    Captain Harville: We are talking now of Anne Elliot?

    Captain Wentworth: Of course! Who else?

  • [first lines]

    [Anne has been upset and flustered as she hurries through Kellynch Hall, marking an inventory of items throughout the mansion. She spies Lady Russell's carriage approaching and goes outside to meet her. They talk while returning inside]

    Anne Elliot: My dear Russell!

    Lady Russell: My dear Anne. You look quite done for. I came back as soon as I received your letter. I had no idea the position was so worse.

    Anne Elliot: Unfortunately, a person who has contracted debts must pay them, even if he is a gentleman.

    Lady Russell: Was there no possibility of retrenchment?

    Anne Elliot: Unfortunately, Father and Elizabeth could find no means of lessening their expenses without compromising their dignity, or relinquishing their comforts in a manner simply not to be borne. But I have, at last, persuaded Father to let out the house. And if I can insure that we live within our means, somewhat less extravagant, then, in only a few years, we may be solvent again.

    Lady Russell: A few years!

    Anne Elliot: In any event, it is better than selling. At least, one day, I may hope to return.

    Lady Russell: And where are you to go in the meantime? Is it decided?

    Anne Elliot: [smiling ruefully] All my hopes were for a small house nearby, but Father and Elizabeth have settled upon Bath.

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