Persuasion movie plot

2022-06-22 22:04
The heroine Ann in the film was engaged to Winworth, a young aristocratic officer eight years ago, but she was dissuaded from her engagement by her friend. The reason was that Winworth's family had no money and she was afraid of living a poor life. , this incident left an indelible scar on both of their hearts. Eight years later, Ann's family was in a downturn, but Winworth returned in full glory. Although there was still love in each other's hearts, what happened eight years ago had become a deadly estrangement, and the interference of other interested people made things worse. getting more complicated. 
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Persuasion quotes

  • Captain Wentworth: This is Henrietta and Louisa Musgrove, and this is Miss... Elliot.

    Captain Harville: Miss Anne Elliot?

    Anne Elliot: Yes.

  • Anne Elliot: Captain... Captain. Are you going?

    Captain Wentworth: Yes.

    Anne Elliot: Is the first half at least not worth staying for?

    Captain Wentworth: No. There's nothing worth me staying for. Good night.

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