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2022-03-17 08:01
The style of "My Neighbors the Yamadas" is different from all previous Ghibli works - the painting style of the original work of this story is very similar to " Crayon Shin-chan ". Yes, but the story is known for its content, not its images. 
In the production of this work, Superintendent Takada Isao abandoned the "layering" technique of transparent material animation that Ghibli used, and tried to use pencil lines and watercolor tones to draw sketch-like works. In order to achieve this effect, they replaced traditional methods with digital technology, and made a film with a computer. It was the first work of Ghibli to complete the drawing and animation production entirely on the computer. The challenge this time is to create a new look of "watercolor animation", but it is on top of the screen, with digital colors of watercolor painting techniques, the animation picture itself is full of warm atmosphere, and at the same time contains the simplicity of pure sketch animation And the smoothness of computer animation. This work is the most expensive of all digital technology animations that have never used a single animation film, and it takes 3 times more effort than usual. 
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My Neighbors the Yamadas quotes

  • [Nonoko went missing and has been found]

    Haiku reader: Joyful laughter breaks the silence of an autumn eve.

  • [Takashi takes a picture of his family without them noticing]

    Haiku reader: A lone figure / back turned / receding into the mist.

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