Neruda evaluation action

2022-06-30 12:55
Under the direction of Pablo Larrain, "Neruda" is not a biopic in the strict sense, but more of a "new invention" based on real events. 
Neruda is a juicy blend of biography and film noir, where the director and writer honor Pablo Neru in an unconventional, indirect way. There are many characters in the film that are real, but the character of Peluccianu is completely fictional. Through the perspective of the policeman Peluccianu, the film makes us have a further understanding of the frame of the film's theme.  
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Neruda quotes

  • Óscar Peluchonneau: [voiceover about Neruda] Many women must imagine he makes love with a rose in his teeth. And that after kissing them, he runs off to write new love poems, inspired by them. He's the king of love.

  • Óscar Peluchonneau: [voiceover] People say Chile is an island and that the Andes are like a second sea. A gigantic wave that never breaks. On the other side there's a strange flat land called Argentina.

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