Neruda movie plot

2022-06-30 23:57
Nerudais a well-known poet and politician whose trusted president, Gabriel Gonzalez Vidalbetrays the left. And allied with communism in the war, soon, a large number of Chilean communists were arrested by the dictatorship, he was expelled by right-wingers for opposing the president, and the task of hunting him fell to the captain of the police scout, Oscar Pelucia In Nu, Oscar Pelucianu hopes to catch the opposition and make his name. In the cat-and-mouse game again and again, Oscar was always one step away from Neruda. In the end, Neruda escaped Chile as he wished, and Oscar accepted his fate   . 
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Neruda quotes

  • Senador: I'm talking to you, sir!

    Pablo Neruda: I'm listening, Senator.

    Senador: Are you Neruda or aren't you?

    Pablo Neruda: I am.

    Senador: Good, because two months ago your name was Ricardo Reyes. Why did you change your name? Did you steal something?

  • Pablo Neruda: [discussing President Videla with his fellow Senators] We all elected him, Senator. Regrettably, we all did. All of us idiots in this room elected him.

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