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2022-03-31 08:01
The story originally appeared in the form of a web drama, and was later adapted into a hit TV series of the same name, which accumulated a lot of popularity, so the movie version attracted a lot of attention as soon as it was released. The film won a box office of 249,500 euros on the day of its premiere on December 9, setting a new record for the best premiere of a Dutch domestic film. The 2009 film "Accompany You to the End" once held this record. "New Kids Turbo" is more than 5,000 euros more than its record last year, and there are many Hollywood blockbusters released simultaneously with it, such as "Ha 7", "Tangled", "Narnia 3" and so on. However, "New Kids Turbo", with its high popularity and mass base, overwhelmed the pack and topped the box office for two consecutive weeks. As of December 19, the total box office for two weeks has reached 4,556,760 euros, and "Ha 7" was released for 5 weeks, and it was less than 10 million euros.
The film has set a number of box office records for a Dutch domestic film, including the largest number of viewers. On Saturday, December 11, a total of 57,000 people went to the cinema to watch the film. Only sixteen million.
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  • Ivah 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    The exaggeration in the animation is well integrated into the movie

  • Vicenta 2022-03-31 08:01:02

    A unique sense of hilarity, a humor that is neither cold nor hot, and has no bottom line. Under the magnificent music, the SWAT troops with dignified expressions and the military vehicles with real guns were complaining: Why is this vehicle so slow.

New Kids Turbo quotes

  • Robbie Schuurmans: Wanne kut vlinder joh.

  • Richard Batsbak: Meer wapens de man.

    Gerrie van BovenRikkert van BovenRobbie SchuurmansBarrie Butsers: Ja!

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