New York, New York movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
The film is set in the era of big bands in the 1930s. It describes the love-hate relationship between a Saxophone jazz player and a female singer. It is full of confusion and helplessness in life. Brisk and fun. 
This story is about the choice between men and women in career and family. Husband and wife only talk about love, not career. The wife is an army officer, and the husband is just a bastard, and the two are still married and immersed in love. After the husband's career has improved, the wife's sudden pregnancy hinders the husband's career, and the husband holds a grudge. Finally, when his wife was discovered as a star and wanted to show off his grand plans, the husband was extremely dissatisfied, and they eventually divorced regardless of their love. In the end, the husband changed his mind again. At that time, even though his wife was a popular star, he finally stopped being jealous because he was also the owner of a big theater, and he was worthy of his wife.
Many people will encounter the same problem, when the wife's career is developing better than the husband, how can the husband handle himself? It seems that the husband will become a sinner through the ages if he gives up his career. When the opposite is true, it is taken for granted that the wife should give up her career. With the happy ending approaching, the director gave up on the topic.
Among them, De Niro successfully played a small gangster who was very good at communicating with people. He was slick, but he showed his true feelings. In the middle of the marriage, he was full of depression and often insincere. After many years of divorce, he showed a calm and intelligent smile. His wife, Peggy Smith, has big, widely spaced eyes, and seems to be often surprised by her husband's unconventional actions. She is calm and repressed, but deeply moved by De Niro's feelings, and is an outstanding female representative. Feminism preaches, is to become such a person. Beautiful on the outside, hot on the inside, but acting rationally, never giving up on her career, always attracting her husband, respected and loved by him, never stalking, completely different from the heroine in the bitter moon. Code thing.
There's jazz throughout the film, and I just can't figure out how their band manages to achieve harmony between the existing score and the improvisation. What is the reason for the thick and unprovoked nasal and guttural sounds of jazz? 
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  • Evans 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    It can also be regarded as the sister chapter of "The Angry Bull", different variations of the same story, and "La La Land" should be a small and fresh version adapted here, but after 3 years, the "Bull" is too dazzling, covering up The film has a little brilliance, but from the perspective of the times, the development of women's status after World War II and the challenge of male rights are also better than the "bull".

  • Barrett 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    It turned out to be a female movie. If Damien Chazelle didn't learn from (not pay tribute) "New York, New York", I really don't believe it... "Audition" is the same as the heroine's famous tune... Not to mention the direction of the characters and the ending... There is something like "I Am Cuba" at the beginning of the film. If "La La Land" pays homage to many music films, then for Martin and "New York, New York", Chazelle can basically be considered a move. Then, as a bastard, probably no one can compare to De Niro. I really admire how he plays with such strength... In the end, Lisa Minnelli really crushed Sister Stone without any scum left. The love in La La Land is more modern.

New York, New York quotes

  • Francine Evans: You said he's good. You think he's - good,

    Frankie Harte: He's not only good, baby, he's a bitch! He blows a barrel full of tenor. Oh, but he's some kind of pain in the ass.

    Francine Evans: I don't want to start this argument.

    Frankie Harte: All right, okay, all right, all right. But he's a top pain in the ass and that's the truth. A top pain in the ass.

    Francine Evans: Let's see, that's twice. You want to say it once more? Three times for luck?

    Frankie Harte: Three would groove me. It's my favorite number. Top pain in the ass!

    Francine Evans: Well, maybe you're right, but he's good.

  • Jimmy Doyle: I know it's not Frankie Harte. We can do that stuff too, man. But this is a different sound. I think you should listen to it. Just give us another chance.

    Horace Morris: This guy must be crazy. I made a deal with Frankie Harte and his Orchestra, not Jimmy Doyle and his Flying Sack of Maniacs!

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