No Good Deed movie plot

2022-10-23 16:44
Jack is a police officer who suffers from severe diabetes and is also a down-to-earth musician. The night before Jack prepares to go to the music festival, a neighbor finds him and asks for his help in finding the missing child. Jack went to Turkey Street for clues. Jack saw the old woman slip on the stairs outside his house and stepped forward to help. The old woman and her husband Thomas warmly retained Jack's invitation to tea in return for his kindness. Unexpectedly, everything was an illusion. Jack accepted the old woman's thanks, but he was pointed at the head with a gun without any precaution. It turns out that Jack accidentally broke into the den of a bank robbery gang.
One of the members of the gang, Hoop, thinks Jack is a police officer who is following them, so he takes Jack hostage, which also prompts the leader of the gang, Tyrone, to carry out the bank robbery plan a day ahead. After Tyrone told the old woman and her husband to go to the airport first, he and Hoop set off to the bank to carry out a secret robbery, and handed the hostage Jack to Tyrone's girlfriend Erin, who asked Erin to wait at home. The phone is on standby. Due to being held hostage, Jack did not inject insulin for a long time, and suddenly suffered a diabetes attack and was dying. The kind-hearted Irene hurriedly found the address and keys of Jack's house, and drove to his house to pick up the medicine. At the same time, Irene found Jack's packed luggage and the cello he was going to take to the music festival. Jack is very grateful to Erin for saving his life. During their conversation, Erin told Jack that she was also a former music student and played the piano well. Erin was moved by Jack's superb cello playing skills, and also brought back fond memories of her past events.
Tyrone and Hoop successfully obtained the bank's monitoring program disk, but the password was only known to David, who was in the bank, so Tyrone asked Erin, who was David's "fake girlfriend", to find a way to get the password. But Hoop, who has always liked Irene, killed David by mistake because of jealousy. While Irene was taking a bath, Jack waited for an opportunity to escape from the predicament, but was found by Hoop, who came back after a successful crime. Jack killed Hoop in order to protect himself, but was controlled by Tyrone. The desperate Jack took Tyrone out of the country safely as a bait, subtly subdued Tyrone, eradicated the criminal gang specializing in bank robbery, and at the same time freed Irene from Tyrone's control, jumped out of the devil's lair, and regained freedom   .
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No Good Deed quotes

  • Erin: I can't let you escape, because then I would have to escape, and nobody escapes Tyrone.

    Jack Friar: That's ridiculous.

    Erin: Is it? This is how Tyrone says you shouldn't have escaped.

    [Erin removes a shoe to reveal a toe is missing]

    Erin: It's alright, I get 10% off my pedicures now.

  • Jack Friar: [to Erin] You've got a way of making me feel really good... when you want something.

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