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2022-07-04 20:50
The Dani brothers from The Kingdom of Belgium are another pair of well-known brothers in the international film industry. They have a background in making documentaries and have 20 years of experience in making documentaries. Their documentary also focuses on the labor movement, as their city of birth is plagued by perennial unemployment. In 1987, his debut feature film "Falsch" was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and was well received.
The first few works of the Digne brothers show a relatively consistent style, with the extreme shaking of the camera causing a strong sense of vertigo, and the claustrophobic close-up and close-up brutally forcing the audience to look closely at reality. Actors also strive to be simple and natural in their performances. This naturalistic approach is undoubtedly related to their background in making documentaries for many years. They refuse to allow the audience to incubate sentiments of sadness and pity, nor to judge the moral choices facing the protagonist. They examine the moral dilemma faced by ordinary individual life at the level of basic survival issues with sharp and rough authenticity and a cold objective attitude, thus digging out the dramatic tension in the depths of human nature.
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  • Olivier: The boy that you killed was my son.

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