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2022-04-11 08:01
"The Curse"   is a horror movie I watched on and off at noon today, and it's the only horror movie I've watched alone so far. In fact, I saw this film last night. When I saw the introduction, it said: "This film is not a horror film, but it should be regarded as a supernatural documentary. It is a documentary that made people sacrifice their lives to shoot." Seeing this introduction aroused my curiosity, because I have seen many horror movies, but I have never been exposed to a film interpreted in the form of a documentary! But it was too late at that time, and I really didn't have the courage to watch this film alone, so I could only press my curiosity and wait until the sky was bright before I dared to watch this film.
The person who filmed this film is Kobayashi Yafumi, a very famous Japanese novelist. Every book he writes is a real supernatural event, and he uses a DV machine to film all the material and make a video. belt. And this film is a curse supernatural event that Kobayashi accidentally intervened when he was looking for material, and this supernatural event is also Kobayashi's masterpiece. Because when everything thought it should be over, Xiaolin's house suddenly caught fire, people only found the remains of Xiaolin's wife in the ruins, and Xiaolin has mysteriously disappeared since then. People just received a video tape a few months later with some precious information on it!
The whole film has no scary sound effects, no amazing special effects, no weird lighting, and no scary shapes, not even a lot of actors. The poor shooting technique makes the picture often shake uneasy. It can be said that watching this reminds me of those movies played in Taiwan's supernatural programs! The whole subverts the horror movie mode we have seen in the past. But just such a film, but let me experience the unprecedented fear. At the same time, it also made me understand that nothing is set in stone, and occasional changes and breakthroughs may bring unexpected results.
In 2004, a director specializing in supernatural films finished filming a documentary themed on "curse" when a fire broke out in his home, his wife was burned to death, and the writer's whereabouts are still unknown. The documentary titled "curse" was too shocking to be released smoothly. It wasn't until the super-producer of "Seven Nights of Strange Talk", Takayase Ichinose, took over. Although the crew spent a year conducting interviews, most of those involved remained tight-lipped, afraid to reveal the truth. In order to take into account the actual characters, some images are presented in virtual reality. Finally, the taboo movie "curse" is completed.
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  • Alden 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    The poster is quite scary story, always think there is no witch Blair better

  • Melyssa 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    Similar to Blair the Witch's shooting technique, coupled with the traditional Japanese horror features, this film is very suitable for slowly experiencing

Noroi quotes

  • Mitsuo Hori: My God! The pigeons!

  • Masafumi Kobayashi: No matter how terrifying, I want the truth.

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