October (Ten Days that Shook the World) movie plot

2022-07-10 10:09
In 1927, a documentary-style film was made to commemorate the tenth anniversary of October . Many of the crowd characters in the film were workers and soldiers who participated in October at that time. Nikolai Podvoisky, one of the leaders of the uprising at that time, also participated in the performance of a Коммунистическая партия Советского Союза Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 10th Anniversary Celebration, who commissioned the film to Sergei Mikhailovich Eizenshtein). The script refers to Ten Days That Shook the World, a journalistic non-fiction book by American journalist John Reed. This film, like "Battleship Potemkin" and "Strike", is also the representative work of Sergei Mikhailovich Eizenshtein exploring montage editing in the 1920s.
The usually released version of the soundtrack, using the symphonic works and sketches of the Soviet composer Shostakovich, was deeply loved by the revolutionary masses.
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October (Ten Days that Shook the World) quotes

  • V.I. Lenin: Long live the revolutionary soldiers and workers who have overthrown the Monarchy! No support for the Provisional Government! Long live the Socialist Revolution!

  • V.I. Lenin: [at the Finland Station] Long live the socialist revolution! All power to the Soviets! Socialist, not bourgeois! Capitalist ministers give you neither peace, nor bread, nor land!

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