On the Town movie plot

2022-10-03 22:51
This film tells the story of the three sailors Gaby (Stanley Donen), Kibb (Jack Haley), and Agie (Frank Sinatra), hoping to have the opportunity to enjoy all the scenery of New York in one day. , And at this time, Gaby met the subway lady Ivy Smith (Alice Piercy) and fell in love with her at first sight. On the city taxi, the female driver Haiji expressed her affection to Qibu. The four went to find Ivy together, but accidentally knocked down a dinosaur fossil in the exhibition room , and the fossil fell apart, so the military and police worked together to hunt down Aji. Gaby finally found Ivey, but in the party, Ivey disappeared again, and Gaby felt depressed that Ivey looked down on him. However, after learning about Ivey's arrival, I learned that Ivey was performing singing and dancing on the coach at night in order to pay for the tuition. 
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On the Town quotes

  • Claire Huddesen: You oughta feel proud that three sailors from the United States Navy got off the ship for one day, and what did they do? Were they thirsty for hard liquor? No. They were thirsty for culture. Were they running after girls? No. They came running to the museum to see your dinosaur. For months out at sea they were dreaming about your dinosaur.

  • GabeyChipOzzie: [singing] New York, New York, a wonderful town / The Bronx is up and the Battery down / The people ride in a hole in the ground / New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!

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