One Week movie plot

2022-06-30 21:25
A quick shot in the temple? Accepting chemotherapy that may not be effective but must be painful in exchange for lingering in the hospital for a few days? Go home and enjoy the last moments with your lover? Or, like Ben, say goodbye to his beautiful fiancée and run away on his dream motorcycle? . In the journey of self-redemption and self-discovery, the hero, who will he meet, what will he encounter, and what kind of experiences and insights will he get in the last week of his life? What Ben brought us through was not his story, not someone else's story, but a questioning of the little perplexities in each of our lives.
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One Week quotes

  • Ben Tyler: [to complete stranger] I'm sorry about your dog.

    Fran: You know, the thing is, Rudy slept in my bed longer than two husbands. Combined.

    [starts bawling uncontrollably]

  • Narrator: Not saving for retirement has it's advantages.

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