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2022-07-08 21:17
This movie version is probably due to the length of the adaptation. Dagiana's image does not seem to be as rich as the original long-verse novel, but the main points are all there, especially the scenes after the two reunite, which are very representative. Female director Martha Fiennes obviously knows how to express this love that is missed because of the character's character with a deft and delicate touch. In the choice of actors, Martha did not shy away from her relatives, and asked her brother Ralph Fiennes to play Onegin. It seems that everyone in the Fiennes family has outstanding talents in literature, film and television. They can either write or draw, or they can shoot. Those who are good at directing, as well as those who can perform well, apart from the great influence of Ralph in "The English Patient" by Fiennes, the acting skills of Joseph in "Shakespeare in Love" by Fiennes are also promising.
Ralph seems to be born with aristocratic temperament, and there is a hint of gloom and gloom in this temperament, which is very suitable for interpreting the distinctive aristocracy. If Liv Tyler, who plays Dagiana in the film, is a little insufficient in grasping the young heroine's role, then in the last few scenes, she endowed the characters with a fitting temperament and a heartfelt touch, restrained and profound. Quiet and distant.
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  • Tatyana Larina: [writing letter] Dearest Evgeny, I write to you, it is all I can do. And now I know it is in your power to punish my presuming heart. Yet if you have one drop of pity, you'll not abandon me to my unhappy fate. I am in love with you and I must tell you this or my heart, my heart which belongs to you, will surely break. I would never have revealed my shame to you, if just once a week I might see you. Exchange a word or two and then think day and night of one thing alone til our next meeting. But you're unsociable, they say, that the country bores you. Is it true? Does the country bore you? Sometimes I wonder that you ever visited us. Why, I'd never have known you or known this agony and fever. I know that all my life's been leading me to this union with you. I recognised you at first sight and knew with certainty. I said to myself, It's him, he has come. Help me, resolve my doubts. Perhaps all this is nonsence, emptiness, a delusion and quite another fate awaits me. Imagine it, I'm here alone half out of my mind. I dread to read this over, my secret longing. I know that I can trust your honour, though I feel faint from shame and fear, Tatyana

  • Nanya: You can't change your fate.

    Tatyana Larina: Why not?

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