Onegin movie plot

2022-07-08 19:21
The protagonist is Onegin, an aristocratic young man in St. Petersburg. He had a luxurious life path similar to that of ordinary aristocratic young people, but the atmosphere of the times and the progressive enlightenment thought, Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and Rousseau's Social Contract , Byron's poems extolling freedom and individual liberation, all influenced him and changed his attitude towards reality. He became tired of the empty and boring life of the upper class, and came to the countryside with a desire for a new life, and tried to carry out agricultural reforms.
However, the flashy aristocratic education did not give him any practical ability to work, and his habit of indulging in leisure has left a deep imprint on him. In addition to the criticism and opposition of the surrounding landlords, Onegin is still in a situation of idleness, depression and hesitation in the end. On the typical disease of the times - depression. At his country estate, he befriends Lenski and his fiancée Olga. Olga's older sister, Tatyana, is simple and affectionate. She passionately falls in love with Onegin, and bravely writes to him about her pure love, but is rejected by Onegin   .
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  • Tatyana Larina: [writing letter] Dearest Evgeny, I write to you, it is all I can do. And now I know it is in your power to punish my presuming heart. Yet if you have one drop of pity, you'll not abandon me to my unhappy fate. I am in love with you and I must tell you this or my heart, my heart which belongs to you, will surely break. I would never have revealed my shame to you, if just once a week I might see you. Exchange a word or two and then think day and night of one thing alone til our next meeting. But you're unsociable, they say, that the country bores you. Is it true? Does the country bore you? Sometimes I wonder that you ever visited us. Why, I'd never have known you or known this agony and fever. I know that all my life's been leading me to this union with you. I recognised you at first sight and knew with certainty. I said to myself, It's him, he has come. Help me, resolve my doubts. Perhaps all this is nonsence, emptiness, a delusion and quite another fate awaits me. Imagine it, I'm here alone half out of my mind. I dread to read this over, my secret longing. I know that I can trust your honour, though I feel faint from shame and fear, Tatyana

  • Nanya: You can't change your fate.

    Tatyana Larina: Why not?

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