Ouran High School Host Club movie plot

2022-07-12 10:50
The private Yinglan Academy is a super aristocratic school with "the first and the second is money".
One day, Fujioka Haruhi , an ordinary civilian who was enrolled in the special enrollment of his higher education department, was looking for a quiet place to study on campus, and accidentally found the school's third music room, which was led by King to please women. The activity room of the male public relations department for the purpose.
Chun Fei, who has no interest in the "Male PR Department", accidentally broke a vase allegedly worth 8 million yuan. In order to repay this huge debt, she was forced to join the department and became a "handy" in the male PR department.
However, when Chun Fei's glasses were removed, she, who had no interest in dressing up at all, was immediately asked to become the seventh "male" publicist and try to entertain 100 guests to pay off her debts.
In this way, Chunfei is forced to hide the fact that she is a girl, and the story between a common girl in a noble school and six handsome men in public relations begins. 
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Ouran High School Host Club quotes

  • Kyouya Ohtori: For special reasons, Haruhi has to conceal her gender.

    Pop Up Box: Special Reasons = Debt

  • Kyouya Ohtori: Fuyumi-neesan. Sorry, but could you not rummage through my drawers?

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