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2022-07-04 17:01
The film is the second part of master Rossellini's post-war trilogy, the first being " Rome, Open City " and the last being " Germania, anno zero ". The founder of Neorealism , Rossellini used almost no script and explicitly rejected the use of soundstages, costumes, makeup and professional actors. The film consists of 6 short stories. The background is some folk stories caused by the Allied forces breaking through the German army after the landing in Italy in the late World War II and attacking from the south to the north. Rossellini recreated the real encounters of American soldiers, guerrillas, monks, prostitutes, and ordinary civilians in those war-torn years in front of the camera. The film is interspersed with many real war scenes, making the audience feel empathy.
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Paisan quotes

  • Father Superior (episode V: Appennino Emiliano): What is it, my sons?

    Father (episode V: Appennino Emiliano): One of the chaplains is a Jew, and the other's a Protestant.

    Fra' Raffaele (episode V: Appennino Emiliano): Two lost souls, Father Superior.

    Father Superior (episode V: Appennino Emiliano): No soul is lost while it still has life and a will to be saved. There are always opportunities for redemption.

  • Dale - the OSS agent (episode VI: Porto Tolle): Don't you understand? If we light those fires, the whole German army will be breathing down our necks.

    American Soldier (episode VI: Porto Tolle): Oh, we'll all die, one way or another. But, that's a small matter for headquarters.

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