Paisan movie plot

2022-07-04 22:31
The script of the film was jointly completed by the director and Fellini. There are six short stories in it, which show different aspects of Italy during World War II. The first story: American Joe is responsible for protecting a Sicilian girl, but her language and expressions are more unfathomable than The castle , so the two of them cannot communicate. The second story: A black soldier was stationed in Naples, and his shoes were stolen by a urchin during a lunch break. He chased him to a slum, saw the truth there, and walked back barefoot after being moved. The third story: When an American soldier stationed in Rome first arrived in Italy, he received water from a beautiful girl; later, when he was drunk, he bumped into a street prostitute and told her drunkenly about his feelings for the past. The girl's feelings, unaware that the person is the one in front of her. Fourth Story: An American Nurse and an Italian Resistance Cross the German Army Together. Story 5: Three clergymen of different religions meet a group of monks in a temple, different beliefs clash, but eventually everyone realizes that they belong to the same God. The sixth story: The British and the Germans fought fiercely, and both sides fought to the death   .
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Paisan quotes

  • Joe, the American soldier (episode I: Sicilia): Look, I'm Joe from Jersey. You?

    Carmela (episode I: Sicilia): Ah! I'm Carmela.

    Joe, the American soldier (episode I: Sicilia): Me, Joe. You, Carmela.

  • Carmela (episode I: Sicilia): You're all alike -- you, the Germans, the Fascists! You people with guns are all the same!

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