Paranoia Agent movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
In the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, urbanites work hard to make a living and are under enormous pressure. When everything is approaching the limit, tragedy inevitably occurs.
The beautiful and quiet Lu Yuezi has become a hot designer with her puppy doll Malume. At the same time, she also encounters the jealousy from her peers and the bottleneck of her next creation. On an overnight return, Tsukiko was hospitalized with injuries she claims was attacked by a teenager armed with a bent metal bat and pedals on golden pulleys. After that, attacks by "boys with sticks" continued to occur. Police officers Zhu Shou and Ma Ting intervened in the investigation and found that most of the victims were under great pressure before the attack. Soon, the "boy with sticks" was arrested, and it seemed that everything was finally coming to an end, but the whole situation was developing in a worse direction. There are more and more attacks in society, and the "boy with sticks" has become a puzzling mystery. 
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  • Lexie 2022-04-19 09:03:18

    Sure enough, "strong imagination produces reality", and the demons have created a new world that caters to people with deep anxiety, fear and delusions seeking escape; let the police officers involved in the investigation become the protagonists and gain a wider narrative space , and become the carrier of breaking the virtual and inheriting the future.

  • Roel 2022-04-18 09:01:20

    He tells us not to run away from reality, but grimly sees that this is a reality that can only make heroes white.

Paranoia Agent quotes

  • Lil' Slugger: I'm home.

  • Keiichi Ikari: The whole world is about to end, and all because of a goddamned puppy!

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