Survive Style 5+ evaluation action

2022-04-10 08:01
The psychedelic pornography, exaggerated props, and highly creative advertisements are intertwined, making the whole film full of a very realistic "surreal" style. Under this madness, it tells the eternal theme of family love - happiness is by our side, when we find her, she is long gone; love is diverse, but it is difficult for us to express; we And change with the people we love, even if Dad becomes a bird. Art originates from life and is higher than life, and the eternal theme seems to be more real under the surreal form.  
The "wife killing" in the film is just a behavioral process. The film does not have horror scenes and suspenseful features, but is just a gorgeous little Japanese film. The bright colors and cross-narrative features are unique. The fans were blown away. The hobby of the wife-killing man is to draw circles on the windbreaker and paint flowers on the car. He repeats the task of killing his wife every day, but every day he sees his wife changing her clothes and waiting at home. A hypnotist turns his father into a bird in an unfortunate experiment on a lavish stage. Probably this is a crazy aesthetic mixed with chaotic forms, cool humor, and gorgeous graphics, grotesque, dazzling, gorgeous, and a little warm.  
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  • Hitman: What is your function in life?

  • Tatsuya Kobayashi: Po.

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