Survive Style 5+ movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
Ishigakicouldn't stand his wife Mimi, so he deliberately "killed" her and left her in the wilderness, but every time he came home, his wife stayed like nothing.
Hypnotist Aoyamaand CM advertising designer Yokoare lovers. Yoko's design inspiration is often too avant-garde to make people understand. Although she is often teased by her boyfriend, she still goes her own way.
During a public performance, Aoyama selected Kobayashi, a middle-aged office worker, as the hypnotized object from the audience, and successfully made him think he was a bird. Unexpectedly, at the climax, a killer suddenly appeared, the hypnotist who released the spell. After being killed, Kobayashi lives in the subconscious ever since.
God's arrangement has linked together people and things that were originally unrelated. 
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  • Rylee 2022-04-20 09:02:57

    The way I love you is this: you kill me time and time again, sit at the dinner table waiting for you before you bury my body and drive home, prepare a big dinner and watch you eat it all. After a meal and a meal, chase you in a big house to fight and game. Bleeding without tears, learning a new superpower every time you die and come back alive. To be your omnipotent wife, the way to love is to torture you to prove your love for me.

  • Verda 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    The seemingly absurd plot is unforgettable. The wife is reluctant to return to the dust anyway because of her love for her husband, and when the husband finally accepts her, she also loses her forever. The advertising designer is just because of her boyfriend's He killed him with a single sentence, and he seemed to be in control of everything in negotiating with clients and interacting with others, but when she lost her tape recorder, she realized that she had no control over anything. She rejected all her contempt. She lost her most cherished things after being strong, and the tears after being strong may be the most sincere monologue to her heart. The scene of my father and his family before he was hypnotized into a birdman was a stark contrast to the chaotic life that followed. Contrast, but no matter what his family is unwilling to abandon

Survive Style 5+ quotes

  • Aman's wife: [mouthed out] Bye-Bye.

  • Hitman: [to Stewardess] Don't think too hard about it. Why don't you just follow your instincts, and give me an answer, NOW.

    [begins to count down from ten]

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