The Darwin Awards movie plot

2022-06-28 19:46
The hapless detective Burrows (Joseph Fiennes) was tragically suspended for his super quirky personality. What are "The Darwin Awards"? The recipients of this award are people who "killed themselves in the most stupid way", and Burrows' task is to find these people within the deadline, save their lives, and save the insurance company a huge sum of money. fee.
Working with Burrows is a beautiful woman named Celie (Winona Ryder), who is the opposite of Burroughs' personality, Celie is decisive, brave and resolute in doing things. It was such a wonderful combination that sparked a spark of love in the midst of ups and downs. With the in-depth investigation, Bross and Siri found that behind the "The Darwin Awards", there was a hidden one. Amazing secret   .
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The Darwin Awards quotes

  • Siri Taylor: For an ex-cop, you're kind of a pussy, aren't ya?

  • Bob: [while drooling over a muscle truck in a showroom] What's its MPG?

    Car Salesman: [sneering] Who gives a shit?

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