Paris Can Wait movie plot

2022-07-21 17:06
Anneis married to Mike, a successful American filmmaker. When the couple attend the Cannes Film Festival in France, Mike suddenly has an emergency, and Anne accepts the suggestion, and Mike drives Anne to Paris to wait first. Originally a seven-hour journey, because of Mike's selfishness and some accidents, it turned into a road trip of several days. Along the way, Jacques let Anne appreciate the beautiful scenery of France, enjoy a comfortable picnic and taste exquisite food. During the journey, Anne was attracted by the charm of Jacques, and was also shaken. Is her life happy ?   
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Paris Can Wait quotes

  • Anne Lockwood: Let's make a little detour and see the beautiful cathedral there.

    Jacques Clement: Who are you and what have you done with my American friend, always in a hurry to get to Paris?

  • Michael Lockwood: Oh come on, 100 camels? Where the hell are we gonna get 100 camels for Christ's sake? What does the script say? Goats. I thought so. And those Moroccan goats work cheap.

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