Healer behind the scenes gags

2022-07-21 20:00
  1. Yoo Ji-tae, who returned to the drama after a lapse of six years, will play a star reporter Kim Moon-ho in the drama and play an important role in connecting the stories   .
  2. Ji Chang Wook has started a weight loss program in order to get close to his new role, and he will show a new look in the play   .
  3. After the script practice, screenwriter 송지나 and director 이정섭Lee Jeong Seop said that they will do their best to complete an interesting and high-quality work   .
  4. In the drama, Park Min Young will show reporter 채영신's crazy appearance of changing makeup, ambush, and stealing materials for exclusive reports, and will be able to bring his healthy and lively charm to 200%, injecting vitality into the plot.
  5. In order to play this crazy and unparalleled role, a lot of effort has been made in terms of acting and appearance. The hairstyle, makeup, and dressing are very different from the ordinary Park Min Young, just to interpret this role more. Real and vivid   .
  6. In order to show a handsome martial arts scene, Ji Chang Wook strengthened his physical strength on the one hand, and took part in martial arts training seriously on the other hand. Not only his appearance, he took time out of his busy schedule to think about the characters and prepared his lines in order to perform perfectly as the most famous errand king in the industry, Seo Jung Hoo   .
  7. Ji Chang Wook has always maintained a hard-working and serious attitude. On the filming site, he either studied the script carefully or talked with the staff, and he never relaxed for a moment. In particular, he has never shown tiredness in shooting running and difficult action scenes outdoors at sub-zero temperatures, and is also an energetic element that drives the atmosphere of the studio   .
  8. Ji Chang Wook recorded the interlude for the play. He devoted himself to the role and sang the male lead's heart with a mellow voice. The staff also praised him for his dedication and hard work, and his tone is not inferior to that of professional singers   .
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