• Director:
  • Countries of origin: South Korea
  • Release date: December 8, 2014
  • Runtime: 1 hour
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Also known as: Cứu Thế
  • "Healer" is a Moonfire mini-series broadcast on Korean Broadcasting System TV station in Korea on December 8, 2014, directed by 이정섭 Lee Jeong Seop , Kim Jin Woo, screenwriter 송지나, Ji Chang Wook , Park Min Young , Yoo Ji-tae , etc. starring . 
    The play mainly tells the story of the young generation who believes that there is no justice in the world and the struggle against the world left by their parents   .


    • Release date December 8, 2014
    • Production companies Kim Jong Hak Productions, Kimjonghak Production Co.

    Movie reviews

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    • By Connie 2022-09-18 14:16:23

      my love comes from my heart

      "If you open your heart, someone will come in and leave scars, but it doesn't matter. If you really meet a trustworthy person, even if you are betrayed, you will not feel hurt."
      - Cai Rongxin
      "Even if you are hurt, it doesn't matter. But, Don't tell me to run away, I never know how to run away."
      —— Xu Zhenghou

      couldn't help but sigh when he saw this, this is really a match made in heaven!
      Speaking of which, I am obviously a member of the American drama party,...

    • By Josianne 2022-09-15 05:31:29


      I finished watching the whole update last night, why is the male lead so handsome, and I really like this type of drama, it's a bit like City Hunter, but it's more complicated and better-looking, the male lead is totally my ideal type, oh Doc , The plot is really good, but why didn't it become popular? The male and female lead actors are all very good, and they look good. I hope I don't have an appendix in the end. , What are the reactions, don't let anyone die at the end, be happy, hee hee,...

    • By Carroll 2022-09-12 04:37:58

      As the name suggests, it is indeed a healer

      During the Chinese New Year, all the friends around who watched Korean dramas were recommending "Healer", and the "Healer Couple" and Ji Changxu came out just by swiping Weibo. Two months after the end of the play, I was forced to watch it by my colleagues, and then I fell into the pit of "Healer" with hindsight. After the hot discussion peak, I feel a little sad.

      3 stars for the plot, +2 stars for the appearance. The important words should be put in the front: the male protagonist...

    • By Violette 2022-09-03 13:15:02


      What I find most commendable about "Healer" is the loneliness that this drama sets for the characters, the innate, irreversible loneliness, which gets worse over time. Yingxin said that when I was a child, I had that kind of feeling, hoping that no one would see me, and I hoped that no one knew me, so I was left alone, because I can only be alone. Zhenghou said, the most annoying thing for me in this world is understanding and caring. It is better to go to an uninhabited island and be the...

    • By Green 2022-07-21 23:08:28

      Pure resemblance, sweet complementarity

      Where to start.

      It was a somewhat funny scene, it was her birthday, and her father complained to her: her boyfriend should be stronger, no one dares to bully him, why, why is that kid.

      Cai Rongxin was overwhelmed with joy, of course she knew that the kid was sometimes stupid in front of others, always sleepy, and with his sleepy eyes, he didn't seem to be able to protect her.

      There are pictures of two people hanging in her room, the people in her heart. One is a...

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    • By Eloy 2022-09-19 09:12:32

      Cool black style with a little sweetheart, Su dead holding something...

    • By Lola 2022-09-07 01:46:09

      My friend said it's super good-looking, the male lead is super handsome, and I am crazy about Amway, which leads to high expectations. In order not to be dragged by my friends and say that I haven't finished reading it, I arbitrarily give a low score. Even if it doesn't attract me at the beginning, I still follow it. The latest episode, but I just can't take it anymore, give up the...

    • By Eldora 2022-07-21 21:46:00

      The bgm is great, the male coach has reached a new height, and it has the visual sense of L and the stuffy oil bottle (as well as the city hunter and the assassin hot stick)! Park Minying is as cute as always! There is also a fun Aji Ma as a hacker~ I especially like Rong Xindi The interaction with Feng Shu on the bus after coming out of Feng Shu's house is so cute~ In addition, Uncle Zhao Youting is very eye-catching. I thought he would defect, Rong Xin's father is like a big...

    • By Alexa 2022-07-21 20:39:59

      What do you want my Ji Chang Wook to do with the acting skills of the long-legged Hua...

    • By Kale 2022-07-21 18:54:04

      The first four episodes are compact and full of tension. The male and female protagonists have a lot of cute interactions, strong CP sense, cool fighting scenes, and sultry emotional scenes. The point is that the male protagonist is handsome handsome! !...

    Movie plot

    The 22nd century future professional errand runners armed with cutting-edge equipment - Seo Jung Hoo ( Ji Chang Wook ) , codenamed Healer , 채영신 ( Park Min Young ) , a web reporter, and Kim Moon Ho ( Yoo ) , a celebrity reporter with a big secret. Ji-tae ) are entangled with each other, and gradually find out the truth of the past and the present, but together they have experienced a journey of "healing" that is both adventurous,...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    Yoo Ji-tae, who returned to the drama after a lapse of six years, will play a star reporter Kim Moon-ho in the drama and play an important role in connecting the stories   .
    Ji Chang Wook has started a weight loss program in order to get close to his new role, and he will show a new look in the play   .
    After the script practice, screenwriter 송지나 and director 이정섭Lee Jeong Seop said that they will do their best to complete an interesting...
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