Healer movie plot

2022-07-21 19:05
, codenamed Healer , 채영신) , a web reporter, and Kim Moon Ho, a celebrity reporter with a big secret.are entangled with each other, and gradually find out the truth of the past and the present, but together they have experienced a journey of "healing" that is both adventurous, legendary, funny and warm. , explore the secrets of the past together, and move towards the future life together . 
A nocturnal helper who is good at using cutting-edge technology, with beast-like intuition and extraordinary martial arts strength - Xu Zhenhou, codenamed Healer, who can help complete any task as long as he has money, likes heights, has powerful skills, and completes high-tech vehicles and logistics Support is a legendary figure in the nocturnal helper world. In this way, he likes to stay at home the most, and his wish is to buy a small island in the South Pacific to live alone. But when he was entrusted by the highly influential celebrity reporter Kim Moon Ho, and quietly began to investigate the Internet news agency reporter 채영신, everything began to change. In order to investigate, Xu Zhenhou began to disguise his identity and approached Rongxin. Unexpectedly, Rongxin's cheerful, straightforward and strong personality quietly melted Zhenhou's heart. Gradually, Zhenhou began to become the invisible superman behind Rongxin, who used his own strength to protect Rongxin silently, and also for Yingxin to give up his dream of living alone on an uninhabited island, and began to become a real reporter. Unexpectedly, in the process, Zhenhou unexpectedly discovered that the hidden past of his father and his friends was related to Wenhao and Rongxin   .
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