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2022-04-08 08:01
Eli Wormman is a smart, skilled and experienced publicist; throughout his career, he has always handled the public life of the rich, famous and powerful with dexterity. He's never had any crisis he couldn't handle, until now.
One of Airy's first-tier clients is the only remaining client, Kerry Rhone, a well-known actor. Like the performances he gets, he's always very good at dealing with the personnel issues around him. Only this time he had a problem with a young star, Gilly. Allie helps him escort her to the airport so she can be taken out of his life.
On the way, Gilly took Airy to the top floor of the World Trade Center and experienced the whole forbidden and illegal pleasure. At the same time, Ally witnesses a horrific murder, an experience that changes his life forever.
After a night in Manhattan, Airy, who is good at self-control, can't let go of his panic. This man, who always knew other people's private affairs for his job, suddenly found that he knew too much this time. As time passed, it became even more alarming that this was the beginning, and that the crimes that Airy witnessed involved the most powerful and influential people in the area.
Airy calls for help from his old friend Victoria, who understands how dangerous the game he's playing and tries to dissuade him that the only way out of this nightmare is to lose everything he knows and make himself disappear. In the end, Allie realized a truth, "It doesn't matter who you are, what matters is who you know." 
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People I Know quotes

  • Victoria Gray: Is that what we're doing, E? We're surviving?

    Eli Wurman: Don't underestimate it; it's harder than it looks.

  • Eli Wurman: [when getting stabbed] Hey, that hurt!

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