Perception movie plot

2022-03-29 08:01
The show tells the story of neuropsychiatry professor Dr. Daniel Pierce helping the FBI solve a suspenseful case.
Daniel is an authority on ethology and neuroscience , but unbeknownst to others, he is a schizophrenia patient. In order to prevent his own symptoms from being induced, he avoided socializing with others as much as possible outside of teaching, and lived a solitary and stylized life. However, that calm is shattered by the return of one of his favorite students from the past, beautiful young FBI agent Kate Moretti ( Rachael Leigh Cook ). With Kate's recommendation, Daniel became an expert advisor to the FBI. Various difficult cases brought him long-lost challenges. The hallucinations caused by mental illness also allowed him to capture many clues that could not be provided by conventional means, but at the same time it also allowed him to capture many clues. His condition, which had not recurred for a long time, began to become unstable.
Synopsis: Daniel ( Eric James McCormack ) learns that his schizophrenia started in college. He fantasizes about spending a romantic summer with Natalie. The so-called "Natalie" is actually a woman named Caroline whom he meets at a party but never with her have spoken. Caroline, a psychiatrist, decides to help Daniel, who learns more about his condition.
A murder suspect will be retrial, and Kate asks Daniel to help determine the man's mental state and whether he is fully capable. But Daniel's forensic conclusions suggest that this man is likely not the suspect who was tried for the first time. Did someone use the "dropping meter"? How is this incredible thing possible? The discovery led to a startling, dramatic change in the interrogation process. Meanwhile, Kate is uncomfortable knowing that the prosecutor in charge of the case turns out to be her husband, Donnie Ryan (Scott Wolfe), who is suing her for a divorce. 
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