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2022-07-13 17:55
Walteris a young man living with bereavement and unable to extricate himself. In order to avenge his murdered sister, he came to a small American town, but here he met a man who was similar to himself. A beautiful young woman with scars, Linda, has changed her life since then. When Linda and Walter comforted each other because of their common pain and feelings, an unpredictable chemical reaction unfolded between each other and they were walking out of the tragedy. In the process of shadowing, the love seedlings full of warmth and hope also sprouted in their hearts at the same time. Soon, Walter was no longer just a shoulder to rest on Linda's side. The appearance of Walter made Linda regain her laughter and hope, and her heart was closed and her enthusiasm was rekindled. Walter has become a spiritual mentor to Linda's son Clay. Clay , who has never been able to get out of the pain of losing his father and has become a problem teenager, was originally full of anger at life and the world, but under Walt's empathetic leadership, I found an outlet to vent my anger, just at the moment of dawn, when the three once injured hearts were ready to start again because of each other's support, the unexpected turning of life will once again test the difficulties that true love can break through   .
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    Clay: I collect goldfish. I keep them in a small tank in my bedroom. Other kids my age like dogs - if they like animals at all. But for me, it's goldfish. I understand them, living under water in a little bowl, hearing nothing, just watching everything through glass.

  • Clay: Me and Walter, we know how it feels when a new day begins, and someone doesn't show up for it.

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