Phantom of the Opera movie plot

2022-07-05 13:10
In an opera house in Paris, strange things happened frequently, the original lead actress was almost crushed to death, and a creepy unreal male voice appeared in the theater. This voice came from the ghost who lived in the underground labyrinth of the theater. He fell in love with the actress Christine, secretly taught her to sing and helped her get the position of the heroine, while Christine was in love with the theater broker Raoul. This led to a series of plots of jealousy, chase, murder and so on. In the end, the ghost found that his love for Christine had surpassed his personal possessiveness, so he freed Christine, left his cloak and mask, and disappeared into the dark underground labyrinth alone.
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Phantom of the Opera quotes

  • Signor Ferretti: [FERRETTI is telling CLAUDIN that if he can no longer pay for CHRISTINE's lessons, FERRETTI will have to stop teaching her] I'm sorry, Claudin. Really sorry. If I had the time- But my expenses are great, and you must remember that many who can pay are waiting to study with me. Well, I'll let her come a few times, and, uh, then I will tell her she no longer needs me.

    Enrique Claudin: B-But that isn't true.

    Signor Ferretti: As a matter of fact, if you had the money, she might be launched on a career very soon. I assume that Mademoiselle Dubois has not the means to pay for her own instructions.

    Enrique Claudin: Why, her month's salary wouldn't be enough to pay for one of your lessons. But, uh, I have written a concerto. Now, will you trust me if I can arrange to have it published?

    Signor Ferretti: Every violinist has written a concerto! Come, come, my dear Claudin.

    Enrique Claudin: But I have faith in this one. As much faith as I had in Mademoiselle Dubois when I came to you three years ago. Now, I was right about her, Signor. And I'm right about this. Pleyel and Desjardins are certain to publish it, and they'll give me a substantial advance. You'll see!

  • Villeneuve: You must choose between an operatic career and what is usually called "a normal life." You can't do justice to both.

    Villeneuve: The artist has a special temperament, and he must live his life exclusively with those who understand it.

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