Phantom of the Opera movie plot

2022-07-05 13:10
In an opera house in Paris, strange things happened frequently, the original lead actress was almost crushed to death, and a creepy unreal male voice appeared in the theater. This voice came from the ghost who lived in the underground labyrinth of the theater. He fell in love with the actress Christine, secretly taught her to sing and helped her get the position of the heroine, while Christine was in love with the theater broker Raoul. This led to a series of plots of jealousy, chase, murder and so on. In the end, the ghost found that his love for Christine had surpassed his personal possessiveness, so he freed Christine, left his cloak and mask, and disappeared into the dark underground labyrinth alone.
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Phantom of the Opera quotes

  • Enrique Claudin: Mademoiselle, may I speak to you for a minute?

    Christine DuBois: Why, of course.

    Enrique Claudin: You weren't on the stage tonight for the third act curtain call.

    Christine DuBois: Everyone seems to notice. It's really quite flattering.

    Enrique Claudin: [Becoming concerned] Why weren't you there?

    [Christine is puzzled]

    Enrique Claudin: Forgive me, but I have been a part of the Opera for so long. Everybody, everything connected with it, I feel it is so much a part of my life.

    [Christine pauses, then smiles]

    Christine DuBois: Yes, well, Monsieur Villeneuve is waiting for you.

    Enrique Claudin: You weren't ill, were you? You're not in any trouble, are you? Why it's impertinent of me, I know, but...

    [Claudin stalls, soon Christine kindly shakes his hand and smiles]

    Christine DuBois: You're very kind. Thank you.

    [Christine starts to leave]

    Enrique Claudin: CHRISTINE!

    [Christine turns back to Claudin in shock, Claudin soon realizes his mistake]

    Enrique Claudin: I'm sorry. Forgive me.

  • [Claudin is talking to Christine as they descend into the catacombs beneath the Opera]

    Enrique Claudin: See? Didn't I tell you it was beautiful? You didn't know we had a lake all to ourselves, did you?

    [Christine covers her face and sobs]

    Enrique Claudin: They've poisoned your mind against me. That's why you're afraid. Look at your lake, Christine. You'll love it here when you get used to the dark. And you'll love the dark, too. It's friendly and peaceful. It brings rest and relief from pain. It's right under the Opera. The music comes down and the darkness distills it, cleanses it of the suffering that made it. Then it's all beauty. And life here is like a resurrection.

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