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2022-04-13 08:01
Kate has been a little irritable lately, because she realizes that she has so many things to think about and think about that she has long since exceeded her tolerance. The first priority is the bottom line of ethics. In order to maximize the benefits, Kate decided to buy the old furniture that was eliminated in the process of subletting the house at a very cheap price. That very upscale-looking mid-century-inspired home design store in Manhattan sells for a premium, which also means Kate is taking a huge risk, since it's not every time she gets away with a business fraud Punishment; at the same time, Kate also needs to deal with some material issues that should be classified under the category of materialism, and she hopes that her daughter Abby will not put all her desires on luxurious material pleasures like herself; in the end, Kate is struggling She and her husband Alex share not only a family, but also parental responsibilities and career cooperation, but the uncertainty full of questioning is slowly swallowing There was a good relationship between them. Kate finds herself unable to settle down completely because of the turbulence, and she always seems to have agonizing troubles ahead of her, including how to live a better life and how to be a better person, especially in a situation like this. In a difficult environment surrounded by poverty, homelessness and grief, everything becomes an unrealistic imagination.
The Kate family's internal problems soon spilled over to the next-door neighbor's house, home to a grumpy old lady, Andra, and her two granddaughters, Rebecca and Mary, who take care of her diet. When the lives of the two families inevitably intersect and begin to affect each other, including their living environment in New York City, it directly creates a delicate and unstable situation that is extremely complex and mixed with many emotions. Contains hatred, friendship, deceit, guilt, and love, and then unleashes a stronger, sharper humor and tragic melancholy   .
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  • Kaleigh 2022-04-13 08:01:01

    The plain, the ordinary is the real.

  • Taurean 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    Movies like this are rampant. Except for rebecca, the rest of the girls are not pleasing to the eye

Please Give quotes

  • Abby: She wants to save the world!

  • Mary: But you're not a doctor...

    Rebecca: No... I'm not a doctor. But neither you are.

    Mary: I never said I was.

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