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2022-03-24 08:01
The plot describes the population of a quiet idyllic town after a hundred years and still only 436 people. A census taker is ordered to investigate the reasons why the town's population has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, and the investigation process gradually leads to unknown doom. From the beginning of the film, a census taker named Steven drives to a town called The village of Rockwell FALLS went to investigate the real reason why its population has remained 436 for many years. On the way, his tires blew out two premeditatedly, and he came to this idyllic town with the help of the local police.
The town held a banquet for his arrival, in a spacious courtyard. Green grass, beautiful girls, dancing, clinking glasses, made this party a happy sight, and of course there must be something wrong with it. Some mysterious atmosphere appeared in the banquet, although the mayor was very friendly and said that Steven's work would be carried out smoothly, and he would receive active cooperation. They said he was welcome as a member of the village.
How can I be a part of the village? As you can see, Steven is a good clerk and wants to end his work in this small town as soon as possible so that he can return to his city soon. But when asked about the whereabouts of the population, people were hesitant, as if they didn't want to tell the truth. Where is the strangeness of the matter? Steven observed with his own eyes and learned with his actions. During the investigation, he found suspicious signs at the home of a local doctor: a little girl was kept there and called for help.
Later, he gradually discovered that many people in the village had a fever. In the words of the little girl, whoever wanted to leave the village would be treated as a fever. At the second banquet, there was an extra population in the village due to the addition of census takers, and a woman chose to hang herself in front of everyone. The truth is finally revealed, the only reason why the number of 436 can be maintained for a hundred years is that the extra people will die through "treatment" or other methods. Mr. Steven wanted to escape from the village for this reason, but was treated as "treatment". In order to make him a member of the village, he also became a patient of the doctor and was forced to inject some drugs. In fact, when the film narrates these scenes, there is always a pastoral, unhurried and warm scene, such as groups of children playing happily, adults' enthusiastic smiling faces, etc., which will always make the audience have the urge to explore in the numbness. Would like to work with Steven to unravel the secret of the 436 citizens that are always kept here. It was not until Steven, who knew the truth, was tied up and "treated" that people shifted from this secret concern to worrying about his fate.
Of course, Steven would not be at the mercy of fate, and finally escaped from the village without the help of a police friend without firing a shot, and set off on the road to freedom with a little girl who also "suffered" from a "fever". It was at this juncture that the situation suddenly changed, and they were freed from human captivity and collided with an oncoming truck, causing the two to die. Later, Steven's colleagues and friends came to see him in the village (friends thought that Steven had lived a happy life in the village as stated in the letter), and he fell into the same unfortunate reincarnation as Steven.
The film has come to an abrupt end, and people have to admire the depth of intentions of the director and screenwriter. This village will maintain the same population of 436. Although it has experienced investigation and external disturbances, one has to replace an innocent life. , no matter in what way, so as to maintain the "harmony" of 436. Behind this tranquility lies endless murderous intentions. This is the tradition and law of the small town of STOCK FALLS, which makes the audience fall into an indescribable sadness. Maybe that's why it's called a horror movie.
In fact, the narrative of the film is really brilliant. It is superior if the text pays attention to calmness but can leave a deep impression on people. From the theory of artistic connection, the film does not use real swords to kill anyone, but it uses such a calm soft sword - habit The power of the pastoral town and the maintenance of a certain tradition make the idyllic town full of sinful murder behind the scenes. Behind a harmony there is an invisible force that maintains the truth of its numbers, making the town's inhabitants resigned and secluded from the world. People's own habits can kill, like wasting time, like gaming life, but we often don't realize it.
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    God's realm, kidnapping life and death. Before watching the movie, the plot is all finished! Let's talk about personal history: In 2006, I just learned about this film. Promoted by online newspapers as a movie similar to "2001 Mad Men"! Due to the undeveloped online film source at that time, the disc store has never been able to rent it, so this film has never been seen! As time goes by, a lot is forgotten. Until someone mentioned it today, it suddenly dawned on me! It can be considered a kind of evil! It's been ten years!

Population 436 quotes

  • Steve Kady: You killed that poor woman!

  • Deputy Bobby Caine: Do you think I'm dumb?

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