The Hoax evaluation action

2022-03-24 08:01
After the release of "The Hoax", although the box office results were not satisfactory, it received a good reputation, and the comprehensive evaluation of the media reached 70 points. The film's comedy elements and suspenseful content are neatly and subtly intertwined, exuding the energy of a documentary. The acting skills of the actors in the film are quite good. Among them, the actor Richard Tiffany Gere is the most outstanding. Gere clearly shows the complex and meticulous inner world of the liar Alvin, which brings surprises to the audience. "Entertainment Weekly", "Newsweek", "USA Today", "Rolling Stone" and other magazines have all affirmed the film, but some media pointed out that the script of the film cannot stand scrutiny, and the same trick is used repeatedly, which has obvious defects   .
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  • Randi 2022-03-24 08:01:02

    Not bad, the cover looks like milk~

  • Randi 2022-04-23 07:05:36

    How daring and how prolific people are

The Hoax quotes

  • Clifford Irving: Bumped by this adolescent coffee boy. My lit professor at Cornell compared me to Hemingway! The middle of my life is at hand, and I don't have a couch.

    Dick Suskind: Think about this: Henry Miller was 38-years-old, unpublished. His wife left him for a lesbian.

    Clifford Irving: You're kind to tell me that, Dick. You're a very good man. You're a good friend. Need a loan?

    Dick Suskind: Always.

  • Dick Suskind: Cliff, you publish this you will have a storm of shit rain down on you.

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