Post Tenebras Lux movie plot

2022-01-31 08:08
A small child was walking aimlessly on the grass, surrounded by many livestock, and then it started to rain, lightning and thunder; a red sheep-headed monster slowly approached an apartment, and the children in the apartment looked at it, a piece of Silence; a couple lying in bed, happily watching their children play; then another couple, coming to a public bathroom in France, and having sex with strangers; the first couple, the two had friction, and then The husband was shot, but he was rescued. He lay in bed and rested. His wife played and sang Neil Young's "It's a Dream" for him. The two of them burst into tears; He shook his head, suddenly pulled his head out by the roots, blood spurted out, his body fell down immediately, his head fell to one side, and the pouring rain poured down; the red sheep-headed monster appeared again; the tree halfway up the mountain was cut down   .
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  • Mariano 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    Bizarre lens performance, magical realism film aesthetics.

  • Deja 2022-01-31 08:08:03

    It started to rain red, a tree fell down at the sound, and decadence is in people's hearts. Finding or hiding has become a dream. Sometimes, we can't say anything or do anything. Becomes a piece of sweat that has evaporated, and after it rises, it is thousands of feet off the ground, and it gathers into red rain. I see a tree in the blurred vision, and it falls down. It is exactly the position where I stood, Now it is a decayed tree.

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