Post Tenebras Lux evaluation action

2022-01-31 08:08
Paddy fields, forests, rugby fields, roads, Finnish bathrooms, birthday banquets, the blurred exterior scenes and the real interior scenes echo each other, rushing towards the road of visual art. Silent late night into the fluorescent Minotaur walking into the bedroom, and an endless shot of the ocean waves. Not long after the scene left the forest, it was pulled to a big tree in the forest. The big tree that the activated chainsaw was about to face was indeed a big tree of life in the final movie time.
Any preconceived predictions caused by rich viewing experience are frustrated in the subsequent development of images. The director didn't want to wait for the rain to pass and the weather was fine to let everything Post Tenebras Lux, but intensified his efforts to lead the film to hazy and chaos. There is a blurred expressionist collision in the vision of God.
"Post Tenebras Lux" is a symphonic poem with a vague theme, a world where quiet and fury juxtapose. Its serene Adagio presentation is in the countryside, the violent Presto development is in a foreign land, and the dramatic and timeless recapitulation is back in the Mexican countryside, always revolving around the vague main theme of breaking out of family life after the rain. out of desire. And the sub-themes always develop and morph in extremely uncomfortable surprises.
The torrential rain finally poured, and the Atonement barked in the paddy field, tore off his head, and fell in a pool of blood. Bumble bees flying, buffalo sipping, a timeless rural expressionist painting   .
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Extended Reading
  • Braden 2022-04-23 07:04:57

    I don't like it, it's too personal. Although I won the Best Director Award at the 65th Cannes, but this is not a small autobiographical nature, it can only be used to include "feelings, memories, dreams, everything I hope and fear, and my reality. The truth of life," the director's own explanation came to the film review. Strong expressionism, the camera is on drugs all the time, and sometimes it is really like an artist...

  • Kiel 2022-04-23 07:04:57

    It should be classified as a monster group. It's weird (such as long shots, moving, moving, tilt-shifting, a lot of nudity, seemingly inexplicable paragraphs...), but there are also many good-looking compositions and bridges, and it's not a waste of two hours . Then, since everyone has spoiled, then the last one can indeed commit suicide.

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