Queen of the Desert movie plot

2022-04-13 08:01
Gertrude Bell was educated as a girl, so it was difficult to find a suitable partner in the UK, so she went to Tehran. In Iran, her love affair with gambling-addicted diplomat Henry Cadogan didn't go well, so Bell decided to give up her personal life to pursue a career in exploring the surrounding area. Before the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Bell studied languages ​​in the Middle East, translated literary works, and met high-ranking Muslim officials in Cairo, Basra, and Baghdad. With courage and wisdom, he won the trust and respect of the leaders. Seems destined to be a bridge between the British Empire and the countries of the Middle East. Bell participated in the demarcation of the borders of countries in the Middle East after World War I, and at this time love entered her life again   .
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Queen of the Desert quotes

  • Winston Churchill: My cigar was finished. That's the end of the world.

  • [first lines]

    Sir Mark Sykes: [stadning at a map] Assuming become Ottoman Empire finally becomes defunct, Russia would get the Dardanelles, the portion closest to them, and the Italians the islands off the mainland.

    Winston Churchill: And the French had no problem with that?

    Charles Doughty-Wylie: The French have a problem with anything. That's their nature.

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