Queen of the Desert evaluation action

2022-04-13 08:01
The mainstream media's review of "Queen of the Desert" was somewhat tepid, considering it was Werner Herzog's recent epic close to Hollywood standards, but it lost his own style. As for Robert Pattinson's interpretation of "Lawrence", the media pointed out that it is far from Peter Otto's version, but has a strong comedy color   .
"Queen of the Desert" has director Werner Herzog's usual quixotic elements, but it tells the story so blandly that there's no reason to excite it. The film has always used voice-over narration to release poetry and feelings, but it can't come up with practical proof. The whole film exudes an outdated academic atmosphere. Belle, played by Nicole Mary Kidman, sees almost nothing but courage, and what drives her to dedicate herself to the war is never really addressed in the film. However, photographer Peter Zellinger's wide-screen shooting has presented a good visual effect for the film   .
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Queen of the Desert quotes

  • Gertrude Bell: [writing in her diary] Already I have dropped back into the desert as if it were my own place. Silence and solitude all around me like an impenetrable veil. Sleep more profound that civilization contrives. And then, the roadless desert, again.

  • Charles Doughty-Wylie: Love is a tyrant, sparing none.

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