Rak haeng Siam movie plot

2022-03-02 08:01
Miao and Tony have been neighbors and friends of the same school since childhood. Once Tony's family went on a trip to Chiangmai , Tony's sister Tang and her friends were separated in the forest, and they were nowhere to be seen. Tony's parents are deeply remorseful, and his father is drinking and neglecting his business all day long. Tony's mother works hard to support the whole family. In order to forget the unpleasant past, Tony moved to another place, and Myu and Tony lost contact since then.
A few years later, at the school where Miao was studying, he formed a band called August, and the band's self-recorded album sold out in the Siam Square area. Myo's neighbor, Ying, has a secret crush on Myu, even if the whole street is rumoured that Myu is gay. Meanwhile, Tony, who lives in another part of Bangkok, has a beautiful girlfriend named Donut. Tony overheard August's song and liked it very much, but the album was sold out, but he happened to see Myu, who was about to leave, in front of the CD shop, and the two met again.
Miao is writing a new song for the Christmas show, and his manager wants him to write a warm love song, but Miao says he has never been in love and doesn't know how to write love songs. Miao's manager's assistant, June, looks exactly like Tony's older sister Don. Tony and his mother take June home and pretend to be Don to comfort his father who is addicted to alcohol. After Miao and Tony met again, the long-buried emotions in his heart gradually became clear, and he wrote a song called "Walking Together" - a love song written for Tony. At the party held by Tony's house to welcome Tang's return, Miao sang this song for the first time, which deeply moved Tony. Tony finally began to prove his feelings, kissing Miao after the party, but his mother who came to clean up the dishes saw him.
Tony's mother is a Christian. She has worked hard for many years, not only to take care of Tony who is still studying, but also to take care of her husband who has turned into an alcoholic. At the same time, she is also blaming herself for the loss of her daughter. When she discovered the unusual relationship between Tony and Miao, she began to fear that Tony would go down a road of no return, and that her only son would leave her. At this time, her alcoholic husband had suffered liver necrosis due to a hangover for many years. finally collapsed. She goes to Myu and asks him to end his relationship with Tony. At this moment, Ying was listening outside the door.
At the same time, Miao accidentally discovered that there were many pictures of Miao hidden in Ying's room, and only then did she know that Ying had a crush on her for a long time, but Ying faced Miao calmly. Christmas is coming, but Myu can no longer sing love songs. Tony is torn between his mother's family and Myu, and finally makes a choice. 
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Extended Reading
  • Mozelle 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    There is nothing earth-shattering, earth-shaking, pure, and gentle, but it makes my eyes sore. TONG's farewell to MEW "We still don't want to be together" "But that's not to say I don't love you" MEW's steady smile, that forced smile. Just like that line, we have been making mistakes for love, but fortunately it is for love...

  • Maybelle 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    The picture is clean, the characters are pleasant, the story is thin, and the soundtrack is beautiful. The rhythm is not well grasped, but as MANU said, some things just look comfortable.

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