Read My Lips movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
Carla, a company secretary, suffers from ear problems, and her hearing is very bad without a hearing aid. God is always fair, Kara has lost her good hearing, but has a special ability to read lips. As long as people kiss their lips, she can know what people say through the change of lip shape.
Because of her busy work, Carla needs an assistant, and the employment agency recommends a young man named Paulto Carla . Paul has been in prison and is a man with a criminal record. He is rude and has no culture. Soon after he met Carla, he was about to have sex with her. Although Carla rejected him, he still kept him in the company. Carla taught Paul how to do secretarial work. Under Carla's teaching, Paul made rapid progress, and they quickly became good partners in work.
Kara spends a lot of energy and time on a project just to be successful. I don't want to, but this project was easily taken away. Carla was angry and asked Paul to steal the project information. Paul refused at first, but later helped Carla to steal it. Carla got the material, and she quickly got the project back. The success of this career obviously benefited from Paul's help, and the relationship between Carla and Paul became closer.
Paul's creditorfinds Paul, beats him first, then sends him to a nightclub to pay off his debt. Paul went to the nightclub, found that the creditors and their accomplices were often talking in a room, and asked Carla to read their lips with the binoculars. Carla deciphers a creditor's conspiracy, and she even helps Paul go to that room and take a large sum of money.
Paul was soon seen as a suspect by his creditors, and for this he suffered from flesh and blood. At this point, Kara's special ability to read lips came into play again. Carla read Paul's words in the binoculars, that Paul asked her to alienate the creditor and his associates to help him get away. Carla followed Paul's instructions and alienated the creditor and his accomplices. Paul escaped from this, and the two finally embraced each other.  .
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Extended Reading
  • Alec 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    A female protagonist who doesn't do ordinary life meets a male protagonist who wants to take revenge, and in the end it will not work if they don't run away together.

  • Rosario 2022-03-19 09:01:11

    The differences between the characters and identities of the male and female protagonists will produce interesting chemical reactions. The director describes the female protagonist’s psychology very delicately. This kind of woman with an ordinary appearance, transparent, awkward, stubborn, and persevering, is entangled with the crime plot, and finally becomes a pursuit. The story of love and success, the heroine's psychological main line has not collapsed, and the ending can only sigh that everything is destined.

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