Reminiscence movie plot

2022-04-02 08:01
Nick Bannisteris a private investigator. His job is to help clients rediscover forgotten memories and indulge in dark and seductive bygone times. Nick lives in Miami, half-submerged by rising seas, but his life changes forever when he takes over a new client, May A simple task of retrieving lost property has turned into a shocking mystery with many dangers. Nick struggles to find the truth about May's disappearance, and a giant conspiracy that is closely related to the survival of the entire city gradually emerges. He must race against time to solve the mystery of memory. He must find out the truth of May's disappearance before the conspiracy swallows him up. At the same time, Nick must also face the ultimate problem, what is he willing to pay in order to keep the person he loves the most   .
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Reminiscence quotes

  • Nick Bannister: Nothing is more addictive than the past. Who wouldn't want to be reunited with a loved one? Or relive the most meaningful moments of their life? But memories, even good ones, have a voracious appetite. If you're not careful, they consume you.

  • Nick Bannister: Nostalgia never goes out of style.

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